Did you receive a track from me? I am so glad you came to check out my website. I wanted to let you know that God loves you very much and wants so much to have a relationship with you. If you have already decided to follow Jesus then your next step is Baptism. We have baptisms once a month and I can let you know what the next dates are, just shoot me an email in my contact page on the bar above.  If not, and you're still thinking about it, I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Jesus saved me from a life of complete and total darkness. I was inadvertently worshipping the wrong god and I had no clue I was offending my true Creator in doing so. I have learned so much since I have received the Holy Spirit of God the Father, the Creator of the Universe. You see the people I was involved with were witches and they claimed to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, they even prayed in the name of Jesus and I had no clue they were wolves in sheep's clothing. What they were telling me was so far from the truth and I realized this after I began reading my Bible. Jesus interceded and saved me back in 2009 and my story can be seen down below on the video that CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network did on my testimony.  For a full biography on my story go to my Bio page and watch my testimony below.

MY BOOKS...soon to come..

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