Why is It important to guard what we see and hear? Because the Bible says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The enemy of our soul attacks our mind. If we are not constantly inputting positive encouraging scripture verses into our mind then the devil can trick us and send messages and thought to our mind. We are bombarded with negativity all day through media, billboard advertising, television programs and other people. If as a Christian, we do not guard what we allow into our eye gate and ear gate we hear less and less from God.

I'll give you an example from my own personal experience. Back in 2012 I offered a fast from media to the Lord. I decided that it would be for four weeks to see if I can hear from the Lord. I only connected online for work related purposes and dedicated myself for four weeks to reading the Bible, memorizing a scripture verse for the week and telling at least one person each week about Jesus. I also only allowed Christian media into my eye gate and had a list of Christian movies that I wrote down to watch if I felt an urge to turn the television on. After the third week, I was able to hear a response from the Lord on a question I had been asking for quite some time. Removing the bad media was a big reason I could begin to hear from Jesus again and it was one of the most amazing times of connecting with Jesus that I have encountered in my entire Christian walk. Christ wants us to remain pure, and by obeying him in not allowing worldly media into our ear gate and eye gate will help us to connect again with him on a more personal level.

My challenge to you for this month of July 2021 is to re-connect with God again and dedicate four weeks to Him.

1) Pray to the Lord and offer him a media fast in exchange to hear clearly from Him again or for whatever it is you are seeking to hear from the Lord about.

2) Write down a list of media that is Christian based that you can watch if you feel the urge to get online or watch TV. When you do feel the need to watch tv or when you get bored, pick up your Bible and read it instead.

3) Learn by heart one new bible verse a week.

4) Read your bible every day, at least a few chapters.

5) Tell one person a week how Jesus saved you and changed your life.

6) Sing a song to the Lord right before prayer time and tarry with him and hour a day.

Just one word from God can change your life forever! Isn't He worth it, aren't you worth it?

Write to me and let me know how it went...

Happy connecting...

Lots of love,


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