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Marisol's Biography

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Having been born into Catholicism, Marisol knew very little about the Bible and what God was all about. She was searching for something her entire life but did not know what it was that she was looking for. She realized at the age of 29 that something was missing from her life. Not knowing it was Jesus Christ, she took comfort in the wrong spirit realm. After not being fulfilled spiritually by her Catholic church she attended. She remembers at the age of 18 when she decided she would never walk into another Catholic Church because people were talking when the Priest was teaching. She saw no faith there and she kept searching until she found a Pentecostal Christian church in Miami, Florida where she was saved and baptized at age 29.


There were no Bible study classes in her new Pentecostal Church, and Marisol did not realize the importance of reading God's word. With her mother living in another state and living on very limited means, and her dad being a Roman Catholic, she was all alone and had no real Christian friends at that time. Feeling all alone, she was led astray for many years after her profession of faith to Jesus, she fell into temptation by going to psychics for guidance who assured her they were from God. They even prayed in the name of Jesus so she really thought they were from God. They also told her that they were the secret society of Jesus Christ. Pareja grew up in Miami, Florida. A city filled with Santeria, voodoo, and psychics on every corner. As she was growing up, her stepmother also went to psychics for spiritual guidance, it was all that she knew! Not knowing that God is against seeking advice from psychics, she met a Vudu priest who told her everything about her life with very little effort. Intrigued by his abilities, she wanted the same abilities and agreed to start the practice of Vudu at the age of 33. The Houngan or Voodoo Priest told her that she was one of them and that her life could not move forward unless she got initiated. This was a complete lie of course, and as a requirement for initiation into Voodoo, she had to witness a voodoo ceremony. After witnessing a girl drop to the ground at this ceremony and completely possessed, Marisol knew that Vudu was not the religion for her immediately.


Not being able to see a way out of her dilemma a friend who cared deeply for her asked her to a Baptist church one Sunday afternoon in September of 2009. She had a lot of anger built up throughout the years of not finding truth anywhere.  That day the Pastor was speaking about anger and how anger led certain people of the Bible to do horrible actions that they would later regret. She knew, at that moment that God was speaking to her through this Pastor and she rededicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ used her friend to help lead Marisol out of Vudu and into the loving arms of Jesus Christ and she has never looked back. In love with Jesus, she began telling others of his love and has been in the Baptist churches ever since.  


Marisol's life changed forever! Marisol was baptized in the ocean with 500 other believers two weeks after her rededication to Jesus and he instructed her to tell others about Jesus. Marisol actively tells others about Jesus' love for her and his love for you on Saturday's during church outreaches and wherever the Holy Spirit leads her to do so. We have to ask Jesus into our life so that you too can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  


If you are already saved but have not followed Jesus' commandment in believers baptism, I highly suggest that you do so as soon as possible. Many people do not understand that salvation is something you must decide on your own out of your own free will. God gave us FREE WILL. A baby has no free will and therefore does not need to be baptized they cannot make that decision yet, and the Bible states that babies are saved if they die anyway. Baptism does not save you if that were the case then Jesus would never have had to die such a horrible death and he would not have had to come to earth to save us. Belief in Jesus Christ saves us, confessing with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord saves us. Therefore, if you were ever baby sprinkled, chances are you are not born again. It is a choice made by your own free will, nobody can force you to do this you must make this choice all on your own. 

As a follower of Jesus, I see many people ask Jesus to save them, but then they hinder their walk by not submitting to baptism. In every instance in the Bible when a person called on the name of the Lord for salvation they were immediately baptized. You don't need baptism for salvation like the thief on the cross was not baptized, but I highly suggest that you do so as soon as possible. Come ready to hear a word from God and to begin hearing from him on your own. Remember that just one word from God can change your life forever!  Don't you agree? So come by and let me know you are stopping by and I would be happy to meet you! God Bless you!

Lots of love,

Marisol Pareja